About us


Your journey, our commitment 

The Modise family has been in the transportation business since 1990, providing reliable services to the Greater Nigel community. 

Our expertise spans taxis, trucks, meter taxis, and shuttles services.

Trusted for transporting children to schools and workers to various towns in Ekurhuleni, we ensure safe journeys within South Africa and neighboring countries. 

With dedicated and professional drivers, we prioritize your transportation needs, ensuring a secure journey to and from your destination. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.


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Our Shuttle Services

Embark on hassle-free journeys with our shuttle services, where reliability meets comfort. 

Our commitment is to deliver seamless and punctual transportation, ensuring you reach your destination with ease. Experience the convenience you deserve, as we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction at every mile of your journey." 

Revolutionising the Transportation industry. 

Tumelo Modise, CEO and Founder

Tumelo is the founder and chief visionary of our Modise Shuttle Services. He is passionate about providing the best shuttle services to our customers. He oversees the development of our software, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Moabi Modise, COO

Moabi is a problem solver. With his extensive experience in the taxi service industry. He is dedicated to optimising the daily operations for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. He is  responsible for translating the company's vision into actionable plans.

"I oversee fleet management, process optimization, and quality control initiatives."

"I play a pivotal role in elevating the organization's performance and maintaining a high standard of service in the dynamic transportation sector"

Moabi drives overall operational and financial excellence, with a focus on refining standard operating procedures.

Puleng Malinga, Non-Executive Director

Puleng's leadership style is collaborative and empathetic and she always tries to lead her team by example, passion and a strong sense of purpose.